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Mont d'Or

Sancey Richard
Metabief, Franche Comte
Soft, Rind Washed
Cow’s Milk
Traditional Rennet

Sancey Richard are one of the smallest makers of Mont d’Or in France, and their attention to detail is second to none. While many Mont d’Or makers no longer wash their cheeses, Sancey Richard’s are given a regular wash in brine, giving their rinds a distinct pink colour, and making them a truly washed rind cheese. Similarly, the cheeses are wrapped in stout spruce bands, which lend a distinct pine-y resinous flavour to the paste. The result is a cheese of real character, the rich sweet paste given a refreshing twang from the spruce.

Like all Mont d’Ors, these cheeses are strictly seasonal. They’re on our counters from October to March, so make the most of them while they’re here.

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St James

Nicola Robinson & Martin Gott
Holker Farm, Cumbria
Rind Washed
Ewe's Milk
Traditional Rennet

St James is a seasonal cheese, with milking taking place from early spring until late autumn. The raw milk is used every day to produce the cheese, with Martin even cultivating his own starter cultures from the milk itself. The result is a pure reflection of excellent milk and quality farming.

St James has a rich, savoury sweetness with the cheese varying in both texture and flavour across the season.

Baron Bigod

Jonny & Dulcie Crickmore
Bungay, Suffolk
Raw Cow’s Milk
Traditional Rennet

Named after a Norman French knight, the remains of whose castle overlooks the farm, is made to a Brie de Meaux recipe, and is full of the rich, mushroom and cabbage flavours of that cheese, but it often retains a chalky core with a sharper, more acidic flavour that proves a refreshing contrast to the vegetal paste under the rind.


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