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Mozzarella di Bufala

Caseificio Serra
Aversa, Campania
Fresh Cheese
Raw buffalo milk
Traditional rennet

The Serra family were one of the first 'caseificios' in Campania to produce buffalo milk cheese. Their cheesemaking heritage stretches back five generations.
Mozzarella is a cheese best eaten fresh and we think this is as good as it gets, outside of Italy. We receive our delivery when they are just a day old, the cheeses are firm and springy with a clean, milky flavour.


Jean-Pierre Misilier
Haute Savoie, France
Soft Rind Washed
Raw cow’s milk
Traditional rennet

Mild milky flavour, a hint of acidity and pungency with a smooth, supple texture.
A cheese with its origins in a tax dodge. ‘Reblochon’ means ‘re-milking’ and refers to the medieval practice where farmers were taxed on their cows’ yield of milk. Farmers would carry out an incomplete milking, which they declared. They would then return to their cows and complete the milking, tax free(!) The resulting, particularly rich milk, was used to make Reblochon. Though, of course, this practice has long since ceased, the cheesemaking remains the same. It is ideal for melting over potatoes and bacon lardons in a Tartiflette

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St James

Nicola Robinson & Martin Gott
Holker Farm, Cumbria
Rind Washed
Ewe's Milk
Traditional Rennet

St James is a seasonal cheese, with milking taking place from early spring until late autumn. The raw milk is used every day to produce the cheese, with Martin even cultivating his own starter cultures from the milk itself. The result is a pure reflection of excellent milk and quality farming.

St James has a rich, savoury sweetness with the cheese varying in both texture and flavour across the season.


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