Thu, 09 May

The Craft of Cheesemaking

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The craft of traditional cheesemaking is often overlooked in a sea of alternative production methods. In this tasting we will feature cheeses from producers and maturers who are working tirelessly to turn a variable raw ingredient (milk) into a delicious cheese every single day of the year.

Whether it’s Julie Cheyney’s exhausting schedule that ensures coagulation, cutting and ladling occur at just the right moment (even if it’s the middle of the night) or Joe Schnieder’s rubbing down the rind (with an old butter knife) of every Stichelton cheese to help the rind develop evenly, the effort, skill and craftsmanship is apparent. The Affinuers in the caves of Marcel Petite’s Comte maturing facility are managing the ripening of over 100,000 40kg cheeses on constant rotation. The craftsmanship that goes into understanding when a cheese will be at it’s peak with a balance of texture and flavor using many of our natural senses and some specially designed skills, is mind boggling.

These are just few examples of the people who are quietly working away in their perpetual pursuit of quality and flavor with exceptional craftsmanship.

This tasting will substitute as a light meal and include 6-10 cheeses, bread biscuits and accompaniments. To compliment the cheese, we have selected a couple of interesting wines and beers. As alcohol is served all attendees must be over 18.

Thu 09 May 2019
19:00 - 21:00
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