Classic Selection Box

All the family favourites in one box.

There are some cheeses you just keep going back to time and time again. You try to ‘be more adventurous’ or to ‘try new things’, but let’s be honest; sometimes there is no time to be messing around. Especially when it comes to food. So for you, we have our Classic Selection box, a perfectly balanced range of your family favourites.

Comte is one of our favourite snacking cheeses. The sweet, milkiness of our 12-14 month old cheese offers a much needed respite from all the rich and heavy flavours going on around this time of year. In our opinion, there should always be a piece of Lancashire cheese in the fridge. And there is no better than Kirkham’s. Made by Graham Kirkham in Goosnargh using the raw milk from their own herd, this cheese is complex and comforting all at the same time. A rich, ‘buttery crumble’ coming from the combination of two days curds. For a blue; Stichelton, made with raw milk from their own herd of cows, on the Wellbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. Joe Schneider and the team use a traditional Stilton recipe and process to make this cheese, including a gentle ladling of the curds that produces the silkiest of pastes.This produces the perfect balance between creamy paste and salty blue. Last but not least, we round off the Classic Selection with Tunworth, a Camembert-style cheese made in Hampshire. We like to see a Tunworth with a gentle chalky heart and a bit of give around the rind. This provides a wonderful flavour combination of slight acidity with those warmer more mushroom-y notes. We’ve paired this selection with Fine English Oatcakes and a Pear, Date and Ale Chutney.

This box contains roughly 1kg of cheese, enough for 8-10 people in one sitting or a family of four over a couple of days.


Selection Includes

  • Comte
  • Kirkham’s Lancashire
  • Stichelton
  • Tunworth
  • Pear, Date and Ale Chutney
  • Fine English Oatcakes


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