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When placing orders by email please include full delivery address and contact phone number. Orders for same day delivery must be in by 2pm. 020 7730 2088

CHEESE // If you shop with us regularly, you’ll know our range of cheeses change almost daily, according to season and quality. This means, though we have created an extensive list of our most regularly featured cheeses, not all of them will be available at one time. As you still need to phone or email with an order, this can be discussed and suitable, delicious alternatives can be found.

FRESH // In terms of perishables (eggs, milk, cream, yoghurt, bread), we will have a limited number available every day. Some of these items arrive to us only once a week, whilst others come fresh every day. We can fulfil same day deliveries (ordered before 2pm), but it will be on a first come, first served basis.

WINE, BEER & CIDER // We sell a small but thoughtfully formed range of natural wines, beers and ciders. They are predominantly low intervention and produced on a small scale in line with the style of cheese we opt for. This means, as with the cheese, there is a lot of exciting variation. We try to keep a broad range from easy drinkers to the slightly more complex.

We are working hard to keep providing a great service to our customers, whether you are staying home or able to visit the shop. Though we are not set up with an online shop, we have put together an extensive list of our products to give you a little guidance when purchasing your cheese and groceries from us.

At this time, ordering over the telephone or via email has become the safest way to do your shopping. We want to encourage this as much as possible and so have created a set of London Cheesemongers product lists to assist you. As we are a small shop with limited capacity, we can’t guarantee that we will always have stock of everything listed. We try to get deliveries as regularly as possible to keep us, and you, stocked up.

As always, orders can be placed over the phone or via email and we are more than happy to talk you through what’s on the counter. We can then deliver to your home, anywhere in the UK or arrange a time for you to collect from the shop.

Selection Includes

Cheese and Fresh Cheese

Chutneys, Pickles & Honey

Bread and Biscuits

Fresh Produce (milk, yoghurt, butter)

Charcuterie & Eggs

Wine, Beer & Cider

020 7730 2088 // Email
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