Sheep & Goat Selection

The Sheep & Goat Selection offers a full, balanced range of non-cow's milk cheeses for your cheeseboard.

Whether you have an aversion to cow’s milk or just fancy something a little different, the Sheep & Goat Selection could be the one for you. Just because you can’t eat cow’s milk, doesn’t mean your cheeseboard should be lacking. This selection gives you the perfect compliment of hard, soft and blue with these carefully chosen cheeses from our sheep and goat’s milk range.

Ossau Iraty is a hard, thermised (heat treated, but not pasteurised) sheep’s milk cheese from the Midi-Pyrénées. It certainly has some of those familiar mountain-style flavours; it is sweet and rounded with a subtle warmth. For a blue, we have a classic sheeps’ milk Roquefort – it is soft and smooth with a bright, salty kick from the enthusiatically encouraged penicillium roqueforte. Perfectly balanced by a piece of orchard fruit or the quince we have paired with this selection. For something soft and spreadable, we have Perail; a raw sheep’s milk cheese, again from the Midi-Pyrénées. Perail doesn’t shy away from the sheep-y, farm-y flavours we love in this style of cheese. The bright white paste is perfect for spreading on a bit of fruit cake, trust us. And last but not least, Sinodun Hill; a light, lactic set goat’s milk cheese made with raw milk and vegetarian rennet. This delightful pyramid comes from North Farm in Oxfordshire. It has bright, clean flavours with a genle acidity to refresh the palette. The Sheep & Goat Selection is accompanied by Sheridan’s Mixed Seed Crackers and a slab of quince paste.

This box contains roughly 900g of cheese, enough for 6-8 people in one sitting or a family of four over a couple of days.


Selection Includes

  • Ossau Iraty
  • Roquefort
  • Perail
  • Sindoun Hill
  • Sheridan’s Mixed Seed Crackers
  • Quince Paste
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