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The Monger's choice for your Christmas blue...

Stichelton is a rare thing of beauty. A cheese created out of the desire for tradition, a return to a simpler time. When Joe Schneider and Randolph Hodgson set up Stichelton Dairy, their number one priority was the milk. Joe wanted to be on the farm, to be able to look out of the dairy window and see the cows. The raw milk is slowly pumped straight from the milking parlour in to a vat in the make room. The essential difference between Stichelton and (whisper it) Stilton is the fact that Joe and team do not pasteurise their milk. This adds a whole other dimension and complexity of flavour.

The gentle approach to the handling of the milk is present right the way through the cheesemaking process. It prevents damage to the milk or curd structure which lays the foundations for a beautiful, creamy paste. The later piercing of the cheese also introduces the blue mould at a more gradual pace than industrial blue cheeses. This allows for the flavours to develop in harmony.

Stichelton is made using raw cows milk on the Wellbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire, by Joe Schneider and team.


You can pre-order your cheese for collection any day (subject to availability). We are closed from 2pm on 24th December and re-open on Saturday 28th. All mail order cheese will be sent out on the 18th December for next day delivery at a charge of £8. Please get all your mail orders in by the 17th December! You can order your cheese by phone, email or by popping in to the shop.

Selection Includes

We offer a discount off of the kilo price when purchasing a whole, half or quarter cheese.


Whole Stichelton (8kg)          £280

Half Stichelton (4kg)          £140

Quarter Stichelton (2kg)          £70

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